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Sparkbit Labs builds high-quality telematics solutions that suit a client’s individual needs.

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Contextual driver behaviour analysis

Promote safe driving with our next generation driver behaviour analysis platform. We combine traditional telematic data, such as speed, location and acceleration with advanced video analysis to truly understand the road situation.

Most precise insights into the driving style, perfectly suited for insurance, fleet management and traffic authorities.

Analysis of the real-time road situation: our platform recognises dangerous events based on data from multiple sensors and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Detailed, visual feedback for the driver: each time when the system detects dangerous behaviour, it saves the video footage in driver’s profile to help the driver avoid similar events in the future.

The goal of our AI-powered system is to identify driving habits with high impact on road safety and traffic flow:


I.e. not keeping safe distance to the preceding vehicle. According to police reports, it is the main reason of accidents on motorways. Based on advanced video analysis and sensor fusion with GPS data, we are able to precisely estimate the time distance to the car in front.

Lane hopping

Frequent changing of traffic lanes increases collision probability and negatively affects traffic flow. Our system detects all lane changes and their frequency.

Speeding in hazard areas

Speeding is particularly dangerous in areas with reduced visibility (sharp curves, junctions, etc.) and in areas with high pedestrian traffic (e.g. proximity of a pedestrian crossing). Our video analysis and sensor fusion techniques allow us to identify such types of events.

Crossing on red light

One of the most dangerous driving rule violations. May lead to severe crashes and increases traffic jams in the cities (when the driver fails to leave the junction on time).

Weather classification

Weather has a great impact on road safety. Heavy rain or fog may drastically affect visibility or road traction. Our platform classifies weather in real-time, giving us a superior confidence over systems that rely only on external, global weather forecasts.

Road sign recognition

Our platform captures the posted speed limit signs, thus our speeding detection is more accurate than in other platforms, which rely only on static and incomplete map data.


We believe that solid feedback for the driver is key to improving road safety. Our platform automatically records video footage from detected dangerous events and aligns the pictures with detailed time and location during the trip. The driver can easily analyse the situations to draw conclusions for the future.

Two modes - mobile only and smart camera

Our platform will be available in two forms:

Mobile application

Convenient to deploy at mass scale

The option based purely on a mobile application is designed primarily for deployments, where device shipment and installation costs can be a significant barrier. In this option, the system is installed on the driver’s mobile phone.

Dedicated device

Optimized for advanced video processing and telematic analysis

It’s the best choice, when full robustness is most important: you will never lose a trip, just because the driver forgot to charge the phone or did not place it correctly.

Sparkbit telematics platforms

Telematics platforms created by Sparkbit Labs are used by thousands of drivers all around the world.

1 000 000
100 000 - 999 999
10 000 - 99 999
1 000 - 9 999
100 - 999
1 - 99

Every minute telematic platforms created by Sparkbit are used by thousands of driver all around the world.

130 000


550 000 000


50 000 000


We believe that technology should adapt to business goals, not vice versa.

That’s why we offer different solutions each perfectly suited to your specific needs.

Telematics Components

We understand that in every industry time is money that’s why we developed ready to implement telematics components that can be combined and customized to realize various business goals.

This service is suited for companies that want to enrich their existing systems with telematics elements.

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Custom solutions

Over many years of developing telematics solutions we observed that every client is distinct and has a different approach to the same industry challenges.

That’s why we can create IoT systems from scratch that are ideally suited to the specific customers’ needs.

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